*White Tiger Decoction (bai hu tang)
Chief: Shi Gao

Deputy:        Zhi Mu

Envoy:          Zhi Gan Cao, Jing mi - Nonglutinous Rice

Pattern: Blazing heat in Yang Ming channel-stage, or Qi level.

Indications: High fever with profuse sweating and an aversion to heat, a red face, severe thirst and irritability, and a flooding, forceful or slippery, rapid pulse. May also include headache, toothache, or bleeding of the gums and nose. 

Cautions and contraindications: This formula is often modified to protect the Spleen from injury by the Cold-natured herbs in the formula.It is contraindicated for coughing and wheezing due to Wind-Cold, coughing and wheezing due to Wind-Heat, or coughing and wheezing due to damp-phlegm. 

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