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Cuestionario sobre terapia floral

Test del miedo.

​For Those Who Have Fear.
Rock Rose


Cherry Plum


Red Chestnut.

​Test de la incertidumbre.

For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty.

Wild Oat.

Test del desinterés.

For Those Who Have Insufficient interest in present circumstances.

Wild Rose.
White Chestnut.
Chestnut Bud.

​​​​​Test de la soledad

​For Those Who Suffer For Loneliness.
Water Violet.

Test de la hipersesibilidad.

​Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas.

Test del desaliento.

Despondency or despair.
Sweet Chestnut.
Star of Bethlehem.
Crab Apple.

​Test de la excesiva preocupación

​Over-care for welfare of others.
Rock Water.

Test de los 6 grupos de remedios​​​

Tratamientos - Homeopatía y terapia floral- Miami Acupuntura


Flor usada en el remedio

1- Agrimonia: Oculta emociones tortuosas, problemas graves y angustia inconsciente tras una máscara de alegría y despreocupación permanente. Evita discusiones y busca armonía. Tendencia a las adicciones, tabaco, drogas, alcohol, juego, trabajo, asumir riesgos, comida y compras, como mecanismo de escape a su tormento mental. Busca ser aceptado. Si se enferma bromea al respecto.

Agrimony: I dislike arguments and often give in to avoid conflict. I hide my feelings behind a facade of cheerfulness. I turn to food, work, alcohol, drugs, etc. when down.

Helps you to communicate your real feelings and worries. You are the cheerful, humorous type that gets distressed by argument or quarrel. You often hide your feelings behind humor and you use alcohol or drugs in excess to stimulate yourself.

2- Álamo temblón: Miedo a lo sobrenatural, a situaciones imprecisas que siente que lo amenazan, y a la muerte. Presagios. Temor vago e inexplicable. Agorafobia, claustrofobia.

Aspen: I feel anxious without knowing why. I have a secret fear that something bad will happen. I wake up feeling anxious.

Helps when you feel fearful without knowing why. The fear is vague and unexplainable and may haunt you day or night.

3- Haya: Tiende a ser intolerante y a criticar despiadadamente. Juzga sin sensibilidad ni comprensión. Arrincona. No soporta las ideas y costumbres diferentes a las suyas. Es arrogante.

Beech: I get annoyed by the habits of others. I focus on others’ mistakes. I am critical and intolerant.

Helps you be less critical toward other people and accept them as they are.

4- Centáurea: No puede decir no. Reacciona exageradamente a los deseos de los demás, buscando complacerlos. Sacrifica sus propias necesidades para quedar bien. Su predisposición a servir es explotada. Se presta al dominio y el abuso de otros. Su voluntad es débil.

Centaury: I often neglect my own needs to please. I find it difficult to say “no”. I tend to be easily influenced.

Helps when you find it hard to say no, and therefore easily get imposed on. You often find yourself serving others, neglecting your own particulate mission in life.

5- Ceratostigma: Busca la aprobación y el consejo de los demás, pues no confía en su juicio, intuición, ni en sus decisiones y opiniones. Sus convicciones no son firmes. Cambia fácilmente de opinión. Es indeciso.

Cerato: I constantly second-guess myself. I seek advice, mistrusting my own intuition. I often change my mind out of confusion.

Helps trust your own judgment in decision-making.

6- Cerasífera: Miedo a perder el control de sus actos, a cometer acciones terribles y a enloquecer. Pensamientos irracionales persistentes. Arrebatos incontrolables.

Cherry plum: I’m afraid I might lose control of myself. I have sudden fits of rage. I feel like I’m going crazy.

For those who fear losing control of their thoughts and actions and doing things they know are bad for them or which they consider wrong. Teaches trust in one’s spontaneous wisdom and the courage to follow one’s path.

7- Brote de castaño: Repite sus errores, porque no reflexiona sobre ellos ni aprende de sus experiencias. Reincide. No escarmienta.

Chestnut bud: I make the same mistakes over and over. I don’t learn from my experience. I keep repeating the same patterns.

​Helps when you from making the same mistake over and over again. You do not take full advantage of observation and experiences and therefore it takes longer for you to learn a lesson.

8- Achicoria: Sobreprotege a sus seres queridos y los domina mediante una manipulación excesiva. Considera saber más que sus dependientes. Tiene una personalidad posesiva y egoísta. Se inmiscuye en los asuntos de los demás continuamente. Espera la devoción de los que sobreprotege y cuando no la obtiene se siente víctima. Después los persigue, criticando.

Chicory: I need to be needed and want my loved ones close. I feel unloved and unappreciated by my family. I easily feel slighted and hurt.

Helps you to be less critical, opinionated and argumentative. You always find something about others that you believe should be put right.

9- Clemátide: Soñador que evade la realidad. Su pensamiento. Difícilmente está en el aquí y el ahora. Distraído, presta poca atención a lo que sucede a su alrededor. Vive en un mundo de fantasía, como un mecanismo de escape a su infelicidad.

Clematis: I often feel spacey and absent minded. I find myself unable to concentrate for long. I get drowsy and sleep more than necessary.

For those who find their lives unhappy and withdraw into fantasy worlds. They are ungrounded and indifferent to the details of everyday life. Teaches one to establish a bridge between the physical world and the world of ideas and may foster great creativity. Is also used to bring clarity and alertness to the present moment.

10 - Manzano silvestre: Flor de la limpieza para quién tiene la sensación de estar sucio y ser impuro, baja autoestima y terror a contaminarse.

Crab apple: I am overly concerned with cleanliness. I feel unclean or physically unattractive. I tend to obsess over little things.

​Helps when you feel that there is something not quite clean about yourself. You may need to wash hands often, find things dirty without any reason, you may find yourself ugly although others find you very attractive. This is the cleansing Essence.

11- Olmo: Abrumado por sus responsabilidades. Piensa que no es capaz de cumplirlas.

Elm: I feel overwhelmed by my responsibilities. I don’t cope well under pressure. I have temporarily lost my self-confidence.

​Helps when your responsibilities overwhelm you. You feel depressed and exhausted and may lose self-esteem.

12- Genciana de campo: Pesimismo. Depresión por causas conocidas. Escepticismo. Control débil ante la frustración.

Gentian: I become discouraged with small setbacks. I am easily disheartened when faced with difficulties. I am often skeptical and pessimistic.

Helps when you get discouraged and depressed when things go wrong or when you are faced with even small delays or difficulty.

13- Aulaga: Desesperado. Sin ninguna esperanza. Siente que ya no tiene caso nada.

Gorse: I feel hopeless, and can’t see a way out. I lack faith that things could get better in my life. I feel sullen and depressed.

Helps when you feel great hopelessness, and have given up belief that more can be done.

14- Brezo: Ensimismado. Centrado en sí mismo. Necesita público que lo escuche. Habla excesivamente, pero no escucha.

Heather: I am obsessed with my own troubles. I dislike being alone and I like to talk. I usually bring conversations back to myself.

​Helps when you are unhappy being alone for any length of time, you are always seeking the companionship and find it necessary to discuss your affairs with others, no matter who it may be.

15- Acebo: Celos, desconfianza, envidia, odio y rencor. Carece de compasión. Para quienes necesitan amor.

Holly: I am suspicious of others. I feel discontented and unhappy. I am full of jealousy, mistrust, or hate.

Helps when you suffer from angry thoughts such as jealousy, envy, revenge and/or suspicion.

16- Madreselva: No vive el presente. Nostalgia. Añoranza del pasado y los buenos tiempos.

Honeysuckle: I’m often homesick for the “way it was”. I think more about the past than the present. I often think about what might have been.

​Helps you to let go of past experiences or events. Your thoughts are in the past rather in the present.

17- Hojarazo o Carpe: Agotamiento mental por hastío.

Hornbeam: I often feel too tired to face the day ahead. I feel mentally exhausted. I tend to put things off.

​Helps when you feel that you do not  have sufficient amount of strength mentally or physically to carry the burden that life has placed on you.

18- Impaciencia: Soledad de quien no puede estar acompañado porque marcha de prisa. Impaciencia. Irritabilidad.

Impatiens: I find it hard to wait for things. I am impatient and irritable. I prefer to work alone.

​For those who act and think quickly, and have no patience for what they see as the slowness of others. They often prefer to work alone. Teaches empathy and understanding of and patience with others. It is found to be fast-acting in alleviating an impatient attitude and lowering stress.

19- Alerce: Sentimiento de inferioridad. Espera fracasar.

Larch: I lack self-confidence. I feel inferior and often become discouraged. I never expect anything but failure.

Helps you to regain self-esteem and confidence in yourself.

20- Mímulo: Miedo a lo conocido. A situaciones concretas, definibles. Timidez.

Mimulus: I am afraid of things such as spiders, illness, etc. I am shy, overly sensitive, and modest. I get nervous and embarrassed.

Helps when you feel fear, the type of fear that you can put a name on such as fear of dogs, spiders, being alone, losing a job, illness etc. Also, fear of speaking freely of it to others or shyness.

21- Mostaza: Depresión y tristezas de causas desconocidas, que aparecen y desaparecen sin motivo.

Mustard: I get depressed without any reason. I feel my moods swinging back and forth. I get gloomy feelings that come and go.

Helps when you feel suddenly depressed without any reason. It feels like a cold dark cloud that destroys normal happiness and cheerfulness.

22- Roble: Luchar desesperadamente contra la corriente y sin descanso. Dedicación obsesiva al trabajo.

Oak: I tend to overwork and keep on in spite of exhaustion. I have a strong sense of duty and never give up. I neglect my own needs in order to complete a task.

Helps when your inner strength wanes, usually because you are an over-achiever and will overwork and ignore your tiredness.

23- Olivo: Agotamiento total, físico y/o mental.

Olive: I feel completely exhausted, physically and/or mentally. I am totally drained of all energy with no reserves left. I have just been through a long period of illness or stress.

Helps you regain energy, vitality and interest in life.

24- Pino: Desesperación por sentimiento de culpa y autorreproche.

Pine: I feel unworthy and inferior. I often feel guilty. I blame myself for everything that goes wrong.

Helps when you feel guilt and self-reproach, often for other people’s mistakes or just anything that goes wrong. You are never content with your effort and results.

25- Castaño rojo: Miedo a que les suceda algún daño a los seres queridos. Preocupación por ellos.

Red chestnut: I am overly concerned and worried about my loved ones. 
I am distressed and disturbed by other people’s problems. I worry that harm may come to those I love.

Helps when you find it difficult not to be anxious for other people, you are afraid that some unfortunate things may happen to your loved ones.

26- Heliantemo o Jarilla: Pánico y terror paralizante. Estados de angustia agudos. Pesadillas.
Rock rose: I sometimes feel terror and panic. I become helpless and frozen when afraid. I suffer from nightmares.

Helps when you experience fears, such as terror or fright that makes you feel frozen and unable to move or think clear.

27- Agua de roca: Perfeccionismo. Severidad. Rigidez consigo mismo.

Rock water: I set high standards for myself. I am strict with my health, work &/or spiritual discipline. I am very self-disciplined, always striving for perfection.

Helps when you expect too much of yourself.

28- Scleranthus: Indecisión entre dos extremos opuestos.

Scleranthus: I find it difficult to make decisions. I often change my opinions. I have intense mood swings.

Helps when you have a hard time choosing between two things, such as Mexican or Chinese food, you simply can not decide which restaurant to go to.

29- Leche de gallina: Secuelas de traumatismos físicos y mentales.

Star of Bethlehem: I feel devastated due to a recent shock. I am withdrawn due to traumatic events in my life. I have never recovered from loss or fright.

Helps when you experience trauma, serious news, loss of someone dear, the fright following an accident etc. The distress and unhappiness feels unbearable.

30- Castaño dulce: Desesperación profunda. Sienten que han llegado al límite del sufrimiento.

Sweet chestnut: I feel extreme mental or emotional heartache. I have reached the limits of my endurance. I am in complete despair, all hope gone.

Helps you at moments when the anguish is too great and seem to be unbearable. Your mind or body feels as if it has tolerated the uttermost limit of its endurance. It feels as there is nothing but destruction and annihilation left to face.

31- Verbena: Fanatismo. No comparte la carga. Fortaleza.

Vervain: I get high-strung and very intense. I try to convince others of my way of thinking. I am sensitive to injustice, almost fanatical.

For strong-willed people who hold strong views. They put unnecessary effort into everything they undertake, your mind race ahead of events, you may suffer from lack of sleep due to an overactive mind.

32- Vid: Avidez por el poder. Dominador. “Pequeño tirano”.

Vine: I tend to take charge of projects, situations, etc. I consider myself a natural leader. I am strong-willed, ambitious and often bossy.

Helps you respect other people’s views and ideas, you tend to try to persuade other people to do things your way.

33- Nogal: Indecisión para iniciar etapas nuevas o manejar situaciones difíciles.
Walnut: I am experiencing change in my life–a move, new job, etc. I get drained by people or situations. I want to be free to follow my own ambitions.

​Helps you break free from old ties and at times of major life changes. It helps you move forward and make necessary changes in order to be happy. Walnut gives consistency and protection from outside influences.

34- Violeta de agua: Soledad de los orgullosos. Distanciamiento por sentimiento de superioridad.

Water violet: I give the impression that I’m aloof. I prefer to be alone when overwhelmed. I often don’t connect with people.

Helps you get a warmer relationship with other people. You love being alone, but often find yourself lonely.

35- Castaño de Indias: Rumiación torturante de ideas. Diálogos internos.

White chestnut: I am constantly thinking unwanted thoughts. I relive unhappy events or arguments over and over again. I am unable to sleep at times because I can’t stop thinking.

Helps when your mind is cluttered with thoughts usually arguments, ideas, thoughts which you do not wish to have in your mind.

36- Avena silvestre: Falta de metas. Descontento e incertidumbre por desconocer la misión en la vida.

Wild oat: I can’t find my path in life. I am drifting in life and lack direction. I am ambitious but don’t know what to do.

Helps when you are at a crossroad in life and are uncertain as to which direction to choose.

37- Rosa silvestre o Escaramujo: Desinterés, apatía, resignación, capitulación. Falta de motivación.

Wild Rose: I am apathetic and resigned to whatever happens. I have the attitude, “It doesn’t matter anyhow”. I feel no joy in life.

Helps you to take responsibility for your own life and take a lively interest in life, work and the world in general.

38- Sauce: Se siente víctima del destino. Resentimientos.

Willow: I feel resentful and bitter. I have difficulty forgiving and forgetting. I think life is unfair and have a “Poor me attitude”.

​Helps when you have suffered adversity or misfortune and find it difficult to accept. You feel sorry for yourself and are grumble and sulky.